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via Umberto 13 08048 Tortolì (OG) Sardegna - Italy

Our services What can we do for you?

Agecy Bea & Aga  Weddings  Sardinia deals with all logistics related to the organization of a wedding celebration, or any other.

Organizing the Decor
Preparation of the Ceremony
Wedding Catering

If there is Sardinia there is passion!

Dear spouses, whatever your desire for the wedding, don’t let it remain unexpressed and rely on the experience of a Wedding Planners agency: Bea & Aga Sardinia Weddings. Taking advantage of the enchanting frames of our island, with the colors, scents and flavors typical of an ancient and fascinating land, we realize your dream of a perfect wedding in Sardinia, looking for the right formula to combine desires and personalities also according to your budget.

Our island is as pure as its waters, as clean as its air, as lovable as its people, as unique as its history, as fascinating as its landscapes and as fragrant as its plants. With all that around, how could we not make you happy?

Choose Sardinia for your wedding and make it a unique and special event with Bea & Aga Sardinia Weddings, which together with the magic of a land rich in history and traditions, will leave their mark forever.

Perfect Your Wedding

We will tell your story
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