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We will guide you into the delightful villages of Sardinia, among genuine traditions and unique panoramas, surrounded by the evidence of a millenary past, between the Nuragic finds and the mysterious testimonies of an ancient civilization.
Who were the ancient Sardinians?
For now there is no indisputable answer to this question.
Ancient towers, pyramids, giants buried by enormous stones, sacred wells and mysterious caves, this is the normality in Sardinia. Between myth and history, the island has more than 8000 prestigious archaeological sites, many of which are still unexplored and covered by vegetation.
A visitor can approach these places and realize that the myths and legends that are narrated in this mysterious land are not so far from reality.

From the archaeological sites of Sardinia we move, along coastal roads that leave you breathless, to the magnificent beaches of Ogliastra and its enchanting coves.
Ogliastra is the land where the sea and the mountains meet, forming unique landscapes, beaches and coves, masterpieces of nature.
Among our offers regarding the location of your wedding, you can also find the Mini Cruise, an unforgettable day trip on a boat that will take you among the many dream coves: Cala Luna, Cala Mariolu, Cala Sisine, Cala Goloritzè, characterized by crystal clear waters, white sands and breathtaking cliffs, a true paradise.


For lovers of uncontaminated and wild nature, we also offer Trekking routes of different difficulty, to meet your needs and allow everyone to live and learn about the Sardinian inland. The Selvaggio Blu path is considered one of the most beautiful trekking in Europe.From Ghenna Silana to Gola di Gorropu, excursion on foot to get to Cala Goloritze,
Cala Mariolu, etc. There are a lot of possibilities for trekking depending on
the availability of our tour guides.

Our island is not only one of the most beautiful on earth; it is also one of the places where people live the longest in the world. In fact, it enjoys the registration to the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS as an area with a higher male and female longevity.
Sardinia is also the undisputed destination of VIP tourism, offering spectacular landscapes and moments impossible to forget. The climate is perfect all year round; this is the ideal setting for a married couple’s memories.


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