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The agency Bea & Aga Sardinia Wedding Planning
takes care of all the logistics related to the organization of a wedding or any other event.


It organizes air transport from all over Europe to Sardinia and also transport from the airport to the selected city.


Plan the party, be it a romantic candlelight dinner for two, typical themed and folkloristic dinners or a gala banquet for several hundred people. It organizes your event on request with floral decorations, music, artistic performances, entertainment for children, fireworks, etc.


Our company provides assistance in the preparation of the necessary documentation and its translation, provides the Italian witnesses required by law and a translator during the ceremony.


We will plan a party (a romantic dinner for two with a candlelight, typical theme and folkloric dinners or a festive banquet for several hundred people).


It provides accommodation in hotels, bed & breakfasts or private apartments for the spouses and any accompanying persons.


It also provides photo and video services, collaborates with professional photographers, Italians and Polish.


Coordination and direction of the wedding day. In fact, our agency takes care of clients with assistance during the organization of bureaucratic and religious practices and the necessary translations in Italian, through a sworn translator.


It takes care of your appearance thanks to the collaboration with make-up artists, hairdressers, beauticians, wedding dress sellers, Italian fashion lovers and recommends respectable ateliers in Sardinia. You can also request the availability of the beautiful Sardinian costumes.

It takes care of your appearance thanks to the collaboration with make-up artists, hairdressers and beauticians.
We entrust the tailoring to expert hands, while for Italian fashion lovers we recommend respectable ateliers
in Sardinia, such as Eventi Spose & Cerimonie, an important reference point for many spouses.
The best stylists and the most prestigious brands operating in the world of Italian high fashion groom and bride,
combined with the advice of the attentive and qualified staff, ensure that every future bride and groom realize their dream
for the most beautiful day.

“We care that every bride on her special day is perfect … we take care of every detail; in the studios there
is a lot of rehearsals and in the end the final result is like a fairy tale !! The dress slips on like a glove
and the bride is radiant. And in all this protracting of trials and walks to learn to wear the garment with ease,
there are also several very useful tips so that everything can lead to an almost perfect result for an unforgettable day. “

It is also possible to request the availability of the beautiful Sardinian costumes.

Organization of lunch in Italian and Sardinian restaurants.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a dinner for two or a wedding reception for 200 people, you’ll always be satisfied.
For Italians cooking is a way of life and highly qualified chefs are able to prepare fantastic dishes, always with the best quality ingredients. Mainly are served dishes based on fresh local products: fish and seafood, local meat, fruit and vegetables, simple and delicious. The restaurants we work with and which we recommend have been chosen with great care in terms of food quality, service, decor and location. Now it’s up to you to choose.

Plan your unique story

Choose Sardinia for your wedding and make it a unique and special event with Bea & Aga Sardinia Weddings, which together with the magic of a land rich in history and traditions, will leave their mark forever.

  • Liven up your ideas for the wedding thanks to our amazing inspiration.
  • Our planning tools will help you at every step.
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